2022–23 Landscape Design Students & Alumni Series

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1–2 p.m. ET | Online & At the Garden

Renowned professionals share their expertise in this popular afternoon lecture series that coincides with morning meetings of the Landscape Design Students and Alumni Association. All are welcome to register.

American Roots: Nick McCullough

October 25, 2022

Learn from Designer Nick McCullough on his quest to define the American garden. Gain design inspiration, planting tips, and an expanded notion of what an American garden is from this lushly illustrated talk.

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A brick pathway runs down the middle of a landscape with large round topiaries at the entrance of the path

Knockout Natives: Sam Hoadley

November 15, 2022

Join Sam Hoadley as he shares important findings about the top-performing species of Coreopsis, Baptisia, Monarda, Phlox, Helenium, Echinacea, and wild hydrangea. He will also provide a brief preview on the ongoing Carex, Veronica, and Solidago trials.

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Hydrangeas in pink and white grow in a well-watered green garden

Growing Earth-Friendly Gardens: Uli Lorimer

December 13, 2022

Horticulturist Uli Lorimer shares the ins and outs of how to select, grow, and propagate a wide variety of plants native to New England, 235 of which can be found in his recently published Northeast Native Plant Primer.

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An orange and black monarch butterfly alights on a plant full of purple and yellow flowers

Holistic Design Thinking: David Maynes

January 17, 2023

Join Maine-based landscape architect David Maynes for a wide-ranging discussion about the natural materials he uses-from sustainably sourced wild sods to local stone-and the many principles that guide his work.

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A low stone wall separates portions of a green outdoor landscape with purple flowers

The Art and Artistry of Chanticleer: Dan Benarcik

February 21, 2023

Horticulturist Dan Benarcik highlights many of artists of the Chanticleer Garden and illustrates how their work creates pockets of charm and comfort that help make Chanticleer unique.

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An enclosed lanai space full of tropical plants

Contemporary Gardens of the Hamptons: Christopher LaGuardia

March 21, 2023

Christopher LaGuardia discusses the challenges of developing waterfront properties while also looking to protect and enhance the natural environment.

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A low, stylized home with picture windows looks out on a carefully gardened space on a sunny day

We offer Continuing Education credits (CEUS) for APLD and LA CES for successful completion of each course in this series.