Plant Talk

Fall’s Invitation

Posted in Inside our Collections on November 3, 2022, by Marlon Co

Marlon Co is the Photographer & Digital Media Manager of The New York Botanical Garden.

Fall’s splendor has come to southern New York State in a mesmerizing rush of color in recent weeks. With still more yet to unfold, it arrives—as it does every year—with an invitation.

The season’s fleeting vitality reminds us to enjoy the present moment. Whether it’s the single tree on your block that’s just turned, or a veritable rainbow of foliage in the canopy above, this season teaches us that right now is the best moment to celebrate the abundance of light and color while we can. And, lucky we are indeed—drought over the summer was predicted to impact fall’s vibrance, but it seems late-season rains have provided just what was needed to keep the show on track. How long fall will last this year is unknown, but what we do know is right now, things are looking pretty great. Will you accept the season’s invitation?

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