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Presently at NYBG: Roses at Peak, the Country’s Biggest Leaf, and The Conservatory Ball

Posted in What's On at NYBG on June 5, 2023, by Marlon Co

Marlon Co is the Photographer & Digital Content Manager of The New York Botanical Garden.

Presently at NYBG is a weekly showcase of our favorite images highlighting our appreciation and connection to plants and the natural world.

This week, in our third issue of Presently, the comings and goings of the spring season begin to slow down as our oasis in the Bronx settles in for the summer ahead. As the heat arrives, we see some plants begin to shed their spring dress, like the mayapples which sometimes like to do so with stunning yellow patterning. Simultaneously, others begin to thrive, like in the Rose Garden where hundreds of blooms emerged in full form, reaching the first peak of the season. Pretty sure we’ve mentioned to stop and smell the roses, and now there’s really no excuse. It is certainly a moment, perhaps even stealing the show from other botanical wonders around the Garden, like a bigleaf magnolia completing its blooming cycle at the back of the Magnolia Collection. While not the prismatic spectacle of the Rose Garden, it sports the largest simple leaf and single flower in all of North America making this moment truly special.

Indeed, whether it’s mental or physical, there’s nourishment of all kinds to be found at the Garden, especially now as our Farmers Market also returns for the season each Wednesday into October. Capping off the week, the Conservatory Ball had us celebrating all of these wonderful late spring moments.

Check back next week as we take you on another journey of discovery around our 250 acres in the Bronx.

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