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The Language of Land and Life: Preserving Traditional Plant Knowledge by Studying an Endangered Language in Mexico

Posted in Environment & Conservation, History & People

Central Mexico is a global hotspot for language and plant diversity, but it also faces many rapid environmental and cultural changes. Read More

Environment & Conservation

NYBG Science Around the World

Posted in Environment & Conservation

The New York Botanical Garden is a world leader in plant research and conservation, using traditional and cutting-edge tools to discover, understand, and preserve Earth’s ... Read More

Plant Science

What Is a Seed?

Posted in Plant Science

Fruits enclose and protect seeds. So what is a seed? Read More

Plant Science, Videos

In the Lab with Tynisha Smalls

Posted in Plant Science, Videos

From studying the genomes of plants in the lab to learning how plants can support us medicinally and nutritionally, NYBG's experts have taken many paths ... Read More

What's On at NYBG

NYBG on Jeopardy!

Posted in What's On at NYBG

Don't forget to answer in the form of a question! Read More

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NYBG’s Scientific Research in Puerto Rico: More Than a Century of Fruitful Collaboration

Posted in History & People, Inside our Collections, Plant Science

The New York Botanical Garden has a long and fruitful history of collaborative floristic research in Puerto Rico that dates back to the beginning of ... Read More

Environment & Conservation

Field Biologists Have Been in Lockdown, but Deforestation Has Not

Posted in Environment & Conservation

Sometime in June, my alarm went off. After 40 years of botanical field trips at least twice a year to the moist tropics, my internal ... Read More

Plant Science, Videos

Backyard Botany: Bleeding Heart

Posted in Plant Science, Videos

Have you spotted any hearts blooming in your yard? Read More

Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

How Many Plants Have Gone Extinct in the Past 250 Years?

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

The International Day for Biological Diversity, which is today, is an especially important occasion to appreciate Earth's biodiversity and yet acknowledge that many plants and ... Read More

History & People, Plant Science

UnladyLike2020: Ynes Mexia

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

Ynes Mexia was an early 20th-century Mexican-American botanist and pioneering conservationist. UnladyLike2020, an innovative multimedia series created, produced, and directed by award-winning Documentary Filmmaker Charlotte ... Read More

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