Celebrate Food With the Family at the
Culinary Kids Food Festival!

As part of the Garden's Edible Academy initiative, join us for a family-friendly, weeklong food festival celebrating the relationships among plants, farms, and your favorite foods. Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden staff and the culinary team, Growing Chefs, will be on hand offering cooking demonstrations, recipes, and hands-on activities, with plenty of music and tastings to add to the fun. Bring your Festival passport along as you tinker with the science of kitchen chemistry and get to the root of foods from honey to sprouts at a variety of activity stations. The daily 1 p.m. cooking demonstration will feature kid-friendly recipes and tasty samples, while local chefs will share tips and recipes.

Activity stations:

Make a Seed Packet Grow Your Own!

Fold your own fun seed packet to take home delicious basil seeds, and learn how to grow basil indoors as a tasty sprout, or outdoors in your summer garden. Family Garden staff will be on hand to share green thumb opportunities at the Ruth Rea Howell Family Garden in 2014 and to share news about NYBG’s exciting new garden and food education facility, the Edible Academy, opening in 2017.

The Buzz on Bees Sweet Bees!

As spring flowers bloom, learn more about our partnership between plants we grow and the pollinators we need to make them grow the fruits, nuts and seeds we eat. Explore the inner workings of a (bee-free) hive, taste-test the many different flavors of honey.

The Chicken and the Egg

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? At the New York Botanical Garden, the answer is up to you: both are here to visit and learn more about! Meet the fine flock of egg-layers and learn more about the wide diversity of eggs—brown, white and even blue. Make a pysanka egg from paper to take home, wear as a necklace, or hang in your home for good luck!

Spring Sprouts

Spring is sprouting up all over the place, even on your plate. Sample sprouts, examine seeds, and take seeds home to sprout for your next meal!

Taste, Flavor, Fun!

Be a food scientist! You eat with your mouth, but what other senses are involved? Try a taste test to see which of your five senses are important to the flavor of food.

Guest Chefs:

Monday, April 14: Pam Brewer, Growing Chefs
Tuesday, April 15: Annette Tomei, VinEducation
Wednesday, April 16: Anya Abrams, Marco's
Thursday, April 17: John Adler, Franny's
Friday, April 18: David Mawhinney, Haven's Kitchen
Saturday, April 19: Mukti Banerjee, Mukti's Kitchen
Sunday, April 20: Jin, Jin's Journey
Monday, April 21: Caroline Schiff, Maysville

Additional Programs Throughout the Garden

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