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Plants as Liberation: Leah Penniman

Posted in History & People , Videos on July 22, 2022, by Matt Newman

“Haiti liberated themselves, creating the first free Black nation, the first nation to outlaw slavery in the Western Hemisphere—and they celebrated, of course, by making mountains of Soup Joumou.”

Hear from Leah Penniman, Cofounder and Farm Director of Soul Fire Farm, as she talks with Arvolyn Hill about the pumpkin of Haiti that featured so poignantly in the nation’s history of slavery, their self-liberation, and the plants and foods that came to define the newly born nation in the Caribbean, in the latest episode of “Plants as Liberation.” As Around the Table continues at NYBG, we’re diving into the foods that we not only share, but those that have helped to define cultures and peoples around the world.

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