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Erblichia’s a Flower, But Only So an Hour

Posted in Inside our Collections, What's Beautiful Now

If there isn’t a txt-speak acronym for “fear of missing out on a phenophase,” there ought to be one. Read More

Garden News

Tulip Tree Allée Replanting Update

Posted in Garden News

Last February, we shared with you information about the need to remove five trees from the historic Tulip Tree Allée. We let you know that ... Read More

Inside our Collections

All Eyes on Ilex: Highlights from the Holly Collection

Posted in Inside our Collections

Ilex, the only genus in the family Aquifoliaceae, has a worldwide natural distribution, and is found on every continent but Antarctica. Read More

Behind the Scenes

The Constant Gardeners

Posted in Behind the Scenes

When the Garden closed temporarily to the public and most employees in mid-March, spring was already underway, with no intention of pausing like the world ... Read More

How To

Leaf Propagation: A Succulent Shared

Posted in How To

Propagating plants can be as painless and satisfying as popping corn or pressing “brew” on the coffee machine. Read More

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