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John Torrey:
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Selected Resources

John Torrey Papers in the LuEsther T. Mertz Library, The New York Botanical Garden


John Torrey Selected Publications:

Calendarium Florae for the year 1818 and for the Vicinity of the City of New York (1818 and 1819)

A Catalogue of Plants, Growing Spontaneously Within Thirty Miles of the City of New York (1819)

A Flora of the Northern and Middle Sections of the United States (1824)

Compendium of the Flora of the Northern and Middle States (1826)

An Introduction to the Natural System of Botany (1831)

A Flora of North America: containing abridged descriptions of all the known indigenous and naturalized plants growing north of Mexico, arranged according to the natural system (1841-43)

A Flora of the State of New York (1843)


Selected Reports on Exploration with Contributions from John Torrey:

Report of the United States and Mexican Border Survey (1859)

Phanerogamia of the Pacific Coast of North America(1862)

Plantae Fremontiae (1853)


Letters Written by John Torrey:

Asa Gray Correspondence from the Harvard University Botany Libraries

George Engelmann Correspondence from the Missouri Botanical Garden


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