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Plant Science

More Than a Decade of Research Yields New Guide to Palms of Belize

Posted in Plant Science

We have combined our interests in plant systematics and ethnobotany to produce a compact yet comprehensive treatment of the most visible and highly useful plant ... Read More

Environment & Conservation

Field Biologists Have Been in Lockdown, but Deforestation Has Not

Posted in Environment & Conservation

Sometime in June, my alarm went off. After 40 years of botanical field trips at least twice a year to the moist tropics, my internal ... Read More

Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

Amazonia Ablaze: A Record Year for Forest Fires in Brazil

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

A renowned landscape architect, Burle Marx was also a passionate, outspoken conservationist. His writings on environmental topics in Brazil—powerful when written a half-century ago—have a ... Read More

History & People

The Amazing Feat of Jeanne Baret

Posted in History & People

Baret was born in France in 1740. Her working-class parents taught her to identify plants for their healing properties, and she became an expert “herb ... Read More

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