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Plant Science

Not the Last of Us: The Truth about Zombie Fungi

Posted in Plant Science

HBO’s new series The Last of Us has drawn millions of viewers and generated considerable buzz since its release in mid-January. Read More

History & People

Thelma Perry: “Hidden Figure” of Beetle-Fungus Research

Posted in History & People

Thelma Perry (1941–98) was one of the great “hidden figures” of the early pioneering beetle-fungus research involving the southern pine beetle. She worked as a ... Read More

Plant Science

The Unsettling Lifecycle of a Zombified Ant

Posted in Plant Science

Some of the things we study here at NYBG are a little creepier than others. Hear from João Araújo, Ph.D., Assistant Curator of Mycology at ... Read More

How To, Videos

Making Mushroom Spore Prints

Posted in How To, Videos

Fall is the perfect season for kids to discover the beauty of fungus. Read More

Plant Science

New Additions to a Prized Mushroom’s Family Tree

Posted in Plant Science

The true porcini mushroom is well-known as a prized edible mushroom. Boletus edulis, as it is known scientifically, has a common name in just about ... Read More

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