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Plant Science

Brad Oberle: Plant Lover, Tree Hugger, and NYBG Scientist

Posted in Plant Science

From the very beginning, Brad Oberle was a nature enthusiast. Read More

Environment & Conservation

Endangered Plants Find New Life in Ebony G. Patterson’s Coming Exhibition

Posted in Environment & Conservation

The Earth is in a constant process of turning over from old to new. This summer’s art exhibition of Ebony G. Patterson’s work reminds us ... Read More

Plant Science, Videos

In the Lab with Tynisha Smalls

Posted in Plant Science, Videos

From studying the genomes of plants in the lab to learning how plants can support us medicinally and nutritionally, NYBG's experts have taken many paths ... Read More

History & People, Plant Science

A Salute to Dennis Wm. Stevenson, Ph.D.

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

Dennis Wm. Stevenson has spent the vast majority of his long and very distinguished career at The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG), joining the staff ... Read More

History & People, Plant Science

Daylight Studies—an Emerging Discipline

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

Daylight surrounds us, and much of life, both plant and human, depends on it. The many dimensions of daylight have recently become an emerging field ... Read More

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