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What’s Beautiful Now: Clavija in the Conservatory

Posted in Inside our Collections , What's Beautiful Now on September 17, 2020, by Matt Newman

There’s incredible floral color happening right now in the Haupt Conservatory.

Just in time for the reopening of our New York City Landmark glasshouse to Members this week, the unmatched blooms of this Clavija species are showing off with a cloud of neon orange petals. It was first collected as seed in 1994 by NYBG scientists visiting Ecuador, and brought back to the Garden to be cultivated as part of our collection. You can’t miss the sweet, fruity fragrance of this small flowering tree, and its unique, tangerine-colored flowers cascade directly from the main stem rather than branches or shoots—a botanical phenomenon known as cauliflory. Don’t miss your opportunity to catch this year’s abundant bloom!

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