Double your impact and support NYBG's
Urban Oasis Challenge

Since 1891 NYBG has been America's premier urban garden and one of the world's greatest centers for the study, exhibition, and conservation of plants. This treasured National Historic Landmark now welcomes more than 1,000,000 visitors a year who come from far and wide for its natural beauty, special programs, and extraordinary exhibitions that highlight the intersections of horticulture, science, and the arts. Among them are more than 300,000 children, teachers, and families who come to learn about plant science, ecology, and healthful eating through hands-on educational programs. The Garden also operates one of the world's largest plant research and conservation programs, with 80 Ph.D. scientists working on its science campus in the Bronx and in the field in 18 countries.

To help advance the Garden's myriad horticultural, educational, and scientific endeavors, several generous Board Members have established the Urban Oasis Challenge to match—on a dollar-for-dollar basis—any new and additional gifts to the Garden. Your gift, above and beyond your annual giving, toward one of the initiatives in urgent need of funding listed below will go twice as far, helping to sustain this important institution.


Children's Education

  • Green Roof on the Edible Academy Building
  • Provide out-of-school outdoor science activities for 1,000 NY area students
  • Create five Global Gardens in the Howell Family Garden
  • Provide Science Professional Development for 25 teachers through the Teacher Training Program
  • Provide citizen science materials for self-guided school group visits
  • Provide stipends for 10 high school Intern Explainers
  • Supplies for Children's Education Programs

Public Education

  • Upgrade sound system in the Arthur & Janet Ross Lecture Hall, including parts, installation, and service for speakers and ADA system
  • Underwrite 125th Anniversary Concert featuring Jazz at Lincoln Center with Wynton Marsalis, June 9th on the Conservatory Lawn
  • Underwrite Winter Harmonies Concert Series, three classical concerts for families in the Arthur & Janet Ross Lecture Hall, during the Holiday Train Show®
  • American Impressionism Plein Air painting materials for weekend public program
  • Support one weekend of live, free music performances
  • Spring Bird Walk public program

Continuing Education

  • 12 Microscopes for Plant Morphology classes at Midtown Education Center
  • Annual maintenance and repair service for microscopes in Botany Lab
  • Year End Instructor Appreciation Lunch
  • Adult Education Certificate Graduation Ceremony
  • Tool shed in student garden

Plant Research & Conservation

  • Underwrite equipment, staffing, and support for the Herbarium Digitization Lab
  • Fund a graduate fellowship for one year
  • Contribute to the Index Herbariorum, the index to the world's 3,000 herbaria, a vital resource owned by NYBG
  • Maintain and add to the DNA Collection held in NYBG's Plant Research Laboratory
  • Digitize 5,000 plant specimens for the Virtual Herbarium
  • Support the effort by NYBG field scientists to describe 50 new species of plants and fungi
  • Support the Steere Herbarium Visitor Program, which provides visiting scientists with housing and access to NYBG's resources
  • Support the effort by NYBG field scientists to document 10,000 new collections of plants and fungi
  • Encourage the next generation of plant scientists by supporting enrichment activities and learning opportunities for 30 summer interns working in NYBG's science facilities
  • Assist in making information about plants and fungi available to the global scientific community by supporting the Virtual Herbarium's Index to American Botanical Literature
  • Create DNA barcodes for 400 species of plants
  • Help the GIS Lab determine the vulnerability of 200 threatened and endangered species

LuEsther T. Mertz Library

  • Annual Support for the Library Online Catalog
  • Annual subscription to Web of Knowledge database
  • Annual support for Mertz Digital library (ContentDM)
  • Annual membership to Biodiversity Heritage Library (BHL)
  • Table Top Scribe – Scanner for library digitization
  • Annual subscription to other databases (Jstor, BioOne, etc.)
  • Annual subscription to scientific journal
  • Rare book acquisition fund

Adopt a Book

  • For digitization — $500–$1,000
  • For conservation — $350–$10,000
  • For purchase — $100–500


  • Support the salary of a skilled arborist who cares for the 30,000 trees across the Garden's historic landscape
  • Large Area Lawn Mower purchased for use landscape-wide to care for the turf
  • Deep root feeding of heritage trees to encourage the health of some of the Garden's most important plantings
  • Spring tulip display to welcome Garden visitors at the Leon Levy Visitor Center in 2016
  • Support lawn care initiatives and the application of specially brewed compost tea across important lawn areas
    Main Lawn – $15,000
    Conservatory Lawn – $10,000
  • Enhancement of the Daylily/Daffodil Walk through renovation, redefining plant beds, and creating new beds
  • Supply a gardener cart to support a full range of landscape maintenance at the Lilac Collection and Maple Collection
  • New walk-behind lawn mower to enable the continued maintenance of the renovated lawns in the Lilac Collection and the Maple Collection
  • Developing the Rock Garden's bulb collection by adding an assortment of tulips, narcissus, and other bulbs to make this jewel-box garden even more delightful