Lush deciduous leaves hanging from trees frame a scene of rocks planted with flowers and surrounded by green grass

President’s Circle

The President’s Circle recognizes philanthropists who contribute $25,000 or more to support the full breadth of the The New York Botanical Garden’s mission.

The Garden depends on these generous friends to fund the continued care of our landscape and living collections, including New York’s last old growth forest and hundreds of threatened plant species, and to steward this irreplaceable legacy for the next generation. Moreover, their support enables the exciting work that happens behind the scenes (and around the world) to advance the public understanding and appreciation of plants and the environment. Each year, the Garden serves more than 330,000 children and families – from right here in the Bronx and all across the region – in biology, environmental science, and nutrition. At the same time, in our labs and in fascinating ecosystems around the globe, our researchers push the frontiers of what we know about the plant world, offering vital insights into the pressing threats to our environment and inspiring new solutions for agriculture, medicine, and more.

Members of the President’s Circle enjoy unparalleled access to the Garden’s horticulturalists, educators, scientists, and leadership. To learn more about making a philanthropic contribution toward their work, please contact Sam Schmerler at 718.817.8557.

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