STEM Students looking at a leaf in the Green School

Corporate Partnerships

For more than 125 years, The New York Botanical Garden has been a New York City treasure and a National Historic Landmark. Corporate funding helps NYBG build upon its achievements and accomplish its goals. Key among them are the following. To create a green urban oasis that inspires visitors to love and value nature. To connect gardening to the arts and humanities through innovative exhibitions and public programming. Teaching S.T.E.M. education to city kids and training graduate students to be dynamic, forward-thinking scientists. To provide jobs, teacher training, and hands-on urban farming to one of the poorest congressional districts in the country. And to save the plants of the world through cutting-edge plant research, conservation, and sustainability programs both in NYBG labs and around the world.

Little girl holding her hands up with dirt on them from the family garden

Current Partners

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