Illustration of large yellow corn in the left corner with tall corn stalks, purple eggplant hanging next to the corn stalks over green grass and colorful representation of three rows of crops. A swirlly painted picnic table is next to the crops with three people, two are seated, one looking at a phone and one is standing walking toward them. Behind them is a large glass Conservatory dome and the sky is rendered in bright blue and darker blue strips that all point down toward the dome. On the right side are a pumpkin, bright red tomatoess hanging from a vine, and a white flower with a purple inside with green flowers and leaves along the side. The illustration is signed by Andre Trenier, 2022.

Artist-Designed Tables

Placed throughout the Garden, tables designed by artists living or working in the Bronx will bring to life stories about the exhibition’s featured plants and other notable edibles. Each uniquely designed table will celebrate the cultural and historical significance of crops and plant-based food traditions and will encourage sitting, sharing, and storytelling.

Visitors will be prompted to share their own food stories in the form of recorded video or audio messages, or leaving messages, drawings, or recipes at the tables. These participatory components will be shared on-site and electronically throughout the duration of the exhibition.

Selected artists:

Priscilla Aleman
Noble Dre Ali
Ariel Alvarez
Santina Amato
Blanka Amezkua
Gayle Asch
William Bentley
Leenda Bonilla
Reina Mia Brill
Michele Brody
Odalys Burgoa
Francesca Capone
Jill Cohen-Nuñez
Carlos Wilfredo Encarnación
Nicky Enright

Eric Escalante
Laura Álvarez Fernández
Elizabeth Hamby
Shawn Hill
Emily Henretta
Anthony Joseph
Catherine Herrick Lewis
Matthew López-Jensen
Ruth Marshall
Yoshiko Mori
Lovie Pignata
Joely Saravia
Sylvia Vigliani
Dina Weinberg
Natalie Wood

A selection of submissions by participating artists.