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History & People, Plant Science

NYBG Expands Science Team with Drs. Mauricio Diazgranados and Eric Sanderson

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

We're thrilled to share that two outstanding scholars have joined The New York Botanical Garden’s celebrated Science division over the course of this spring, expanding ... Read More

Plant Science

More Than a Decade of Research Yields New Guide to Palms of Belize

Posted in Plant Science

We have combined our interests in plant systematics and ethnobotany to produce a compact yet comprehensive treatment of the most visible and highly useful plant ... Read More

Environment & Conservation, History & People

The Language of Land and Life: Preserving Traditional Plant Knowledge by Studying an Endangered Language in Mexico

Posted in Environment & Conservation, History & People

Central Mexico is a global hotspot for language and plant diversity, but it also faces many rapid environmental and cultural changes. Read More

Environment & Conservation

NYBG Science Around the World

Posted in Environment & Conservation

The New York Botanical Garden is a world leader in plant research and conservation, using traditional and cutting-edge tools to discover, understand, and preserve Earth’s ... Read More

Environment & Conservation

Field Biologists Have Been in Lockdown, but Deforestation Has Not

Posted in Environment & Conservation

Sometime in June, my alarm went off. After 40 years of botanical field trips at least twice a year to the moist tropics, my internal ... Read More

History & People, Videos

Queering Botanical Science: A Discussion in Celebration of LGBTQ+ Pride Month

Posted in History & People, Videos

In celebration of Pride Month, enjoy "Queering Botanical Science," a webinar recorded on Friday, June 26 that brought four experts to the table for a ... Read More

Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Ferns in the Pfizer Lab Help Answer an Important Question

Posted in Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Our essential scientists are equally hard at work in the Pfizer Lab, looking after living collections that are important to ongoing research. Read More

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