Ways to Partner

The New York Botanical Garden is a worldwide destination renowned for its groundbreaking multidisciplinary exhibitions, its educational programs that connect science to the arts and humanities, and its position at the forefront of biodiversity conservation and horticultural excellence. This global leadership position allows the Garden to offer a sophisticated range of partnership platforms that support diverse corporate missions and interests.


Live Music
Sets at 12, 1, 2, 3, & 4 p.m.
Conservatory Lawn

As you sample your brews, chill out to some blues and bluegrass with Moonshine Falls on Saturday, and The Paul Josephs Blues Band on Sunday. They will have you swinging as you sip! Moonshine Falls subscribes to the New Blue movement—a re-blending of newgrass from the late 70's and early '80s with traditional bluegrass from the 40's and 50's—has a more sound and tightly knit, more polished vocals. The Paul Josephs Blues Band is an homage to the music of the founding fathers and mothers of American music, and you will recognize the classic but upbeat sound.

About the Artists
Moonshine Falls
What can you say about a band that has it all? Superb playing, gorgeous harmonies, a fine-honed polish that comes with years of playing, and a youthful exuberance that comes from a love of the music?… …From Moonshine Falls notes their goal is to pay homage to tradition without drowning it in, balancing tradition with the New Blue movement.

The Paul Josephs Blues Band
This band is an homage to the music that is at the foundation of his playing and singing and to the founding fathers and mothers of American music. Featuring Derek Nievergelt on electric bass, Art Bailey on Piano and Jordan Rose on the Drums, and mixed and recorded by Derek Nievergelt and mastered by Tyler Wood, this band is sure to please.


Ways to Partner

NYBG is a cultural, educational, and scientific mecca headquartered in the heart of New York City with far-ranging programs and impact in more than 80 countries. This global leadership position allows the Garden to offer a sophisticated range of partnership options that support diverse corporate platforms.

- Grant Programs
- Sponsorships
- Cause Marketing Campaigns
- Event Underwriting

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The Botany of Beer Talks
1:30, 2:30, & 3:30 p.m.
In the Perennial Garden

Brewing experts & Garden scientists pair up to talk about the botanical side of beer.

  • The Botany of Beer: Scientists from the NYBG Herbarium display specimens of economically important and useful plants, including beer ingredients like Hops, barley, and millet, and show how pressed plant specimens are made for future research purposes.

  • Grow Your Beer: Growers discuss the planting methods for growing ingredients, such as hops and barley, and how different ingredients can flavor your beer.

  • But Why Drink Just Beer? Brewers talk not only about the beer-making process, but also the differences between making beer, ale, and cider.

Plant Collecting Demonstrations
12 – 5 p.m.
At Conservatory Plaza

See critical components of a scientist's tool kit used on expeditions around the world and learn how biodiversity is expertly documented in the field and preserved as museum collections for later study.