a person with headphones on sits in a wooded area with equipment in front of them connecting to the plants in the area

Field Trip: Mushroom and Plant Music with Modern Biology

July 5, 2023

12 p.m. | At the Garden

For this performance, using silent disco-style headphones, small groups of participants will listen to the bioelectricity of flora and fungi as translated into relaxed, ambient soundscapes, and supplemented with live musical improvisation. This experience brings us into a deeper connection with the natural world – and ourselves.

Tarun uses modular synthesis, home-built synthesizers, and other analog equipment to improvise with the natural vibrations of a certain place and time via plant bioelectricity, latent electromagnetic radiation, and even the earth’s resonant hum.

About Modern Biology:
With over 100 million views on his tiktok videos, Modern Biology has brought plant music to the masses. Originally educated as a biologist, veteran musician Tarun Nayar brings his passion for nature and sound together in an ambient project that is organismic, immediate, uplifting, and deeply contextual. He has been featured by the BBC, The Guardian, LA Times, Vice and more, and performed at Art Basel, MOCA (LA) and the Vancouver Art Gallery.