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Naveed Davoodian

Ph.D. candidate, City University of New York / New York Botanical Garden, Ph.D. candidate
City University of New York / New York Botanical Garden


Mycology, Phylogenetics, Conservation

Research locations

North America, Australia, East Asia

Selected Publications

Davoodian, N. 2015.
Fungal conservation in the United States: current status of federal frameworks.
Biodiversity and Conservation 24(8): 2099–2104.

Davoodian, N. and R. E. Halling. 2013.
Validation and typification of Gyroporus purpurinus.
Mycotaxon 125: 103–105.

Davoodian, N., J. Bosworth and N. Rajakaruna. 2012.
Mycorrhizal colonization of Hypericum perforatum L.(Hypericaceae) from serpentine and granite outcrops on the Deer Isles, Maine.
Northeastern Naturalist 19(3): 517–526.

Ma, M., A. L. Gard, F. Xiang, J. Wang, N. Davoodian, P. H. Lenz, S. R. Malecha, A. E. Christie and L. Li. 2010.
Combining in silico transcriptome mining and biological mass spectrometry for neuropeptide discovery in the Pacific white shrimp Litopenaeus vannamei.
Peptides 31(1): 27–43.