A man in a white shirt and red hat paints a picnic table

Tools for the Table: Artisan Demonstrations

Saturdays & Sundays Through September 11

12 – 4 p.m. | At the Garden

The products we see in this exhibition undergo a major transformation to become the foods we love—whether soaked in a pan or ground in a pot, the tools we use to prepare them are an important part of the process, from farm to table.

Watch as expert local artisans share the tools and techniques necessary for preparing these foods, and how we might give scraps or leftovers a second life.

Please note this program will not be offered on June 18 & 19.

Schedule of artisan demonstrations to be shared throughout the exhibition.

Featured artisans include:

Aaron Hodgins of Hodgins Harvest
June 3, 4, & 5
Marvel as Aaron Hodgins Davis of Hodgins Harvest demonstrates how to grow, harvest, and preserve mushrooms! From drying the mushrooms gill side up to increase the amount of vitamin D, to pickling mushrooms for long-term use, Hodgins Harvest will show you the behind-the-scenes processes that allow you to enjoy this fungi.

Carolina Saavedra of La Morada
June 11 & 12, September 5
Watch sous chef Carolina Saavedra of La Morada (Bronx, NY) shows the process of how some of their kitchen staples like corn and beans are prepared for their dishes. In addition to her work at the restaurant, Saavedra also serves as an Urban Farmer at Bruckner Mott Haven Community Garden and an Education Manager at Stone Barns Center.

Kini Kahauolopua
June 25 & 26, July 16 & 17, August 27 & 28, September 10 & 11
See how Chef Kini demonstrates how to turn taro “kalo” into poi, a traditional food in the Polynesian diet, using the technique of pounding “kuʻi kalo”.

Sean Malik Flynn and Alaura (AJ) Flynn of Boogie Down Bronx Honey
July 2, 3, & 4
Join Bronx locals Sean and Alaura Flynn to learn all about bee-keeping! Inspect the hive and see how the honey is harvested, spun out of the comb, and then prepared for consumption. Bronx Boogie Down Honey is 100% natural, raw honey made from honey bees that forage on Bronx wildflowers.

Jesica Clark of Willow Vale Farm
July 9 & 10
Watch artist and farmer Jesica Clark of Willow Vale Farm show how willow baskets are made. In a time when plastics have become the norm, Clark reminds us of the importance of winnowed baskets, like the skib, a harvesting and serving (at the table) basket for potatoes and other root vegetables.

Suln Park of Forward Roots Kimchi
July 23 & 24, August 13 & 14
Explore the magic of kimchi pickling and fermentation with Suln Park, founder and operator of Forward Roots.

Lindsey Thalmeier of Eltee’s Goods
August 20 & 21
Learn more about the process of Eltee’s Goods tomato “tommy” jam and its creative uses in everyday meals!

Moskehtu Consulting
August 6 & 7, August 20 & 21
Join representatives from the Moskehtu Consulting group for educational, interactive, and collaborative workshops that range from corn husk doll making to braiding sweetgrass, and more work that illuminates the cultural competency of the Indigenous people.