Photo of Yayoi Kusama creating art in 1983


May 9–November 1, 2020
Saturdays & Sundays

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Photo of Yayoi Kusama amid red polka dots

Kusama Infinity

This award-winning documentary, 17 years in the making, traces Kusama’s early life in Japan, the 15 years she spent in New York City, her return to Tokyo, and the eventual international recognition of her work. Filmmaker Heather Lenz will be present for at least one screening. (2018, 76 min, Magnolia Pictures)

Dates and times to be announced

Photo of Yayoi Kusama with a polka-dotted horse

Kusama’s Self-Obliteration

The psychedelic feel and non-linear narrative of Self-Obliteration capture the socio-political zeitgeist of the 1960s, as Yayoi Kusama paints polka dots on plants, animals, and people, weaving notions of nature and identity into her broader theme of “self-obliteration.” (1967, 24 min)

Dates and times to be announced