Ina Vandebroek

Matthew Calbraith Perry Associate Curator of Economic Botany and Caribbean Program Director, Institute of Economic Botany

Ph.D., Ghent University


Floristics and ethnobotany of useful plants and community health in the Caribbean and New York City


Ethnobotany, Caribbean Floristics, Cultural Heritage, Migrant Studies, Conservation Biology

Research locations

Jamaica, Dominican Republic, New York City


Dr. Ina Vandebroek’s research is at the intersection of floristics, ethnobotany, community health, and conservation. She has twenty years of experience in research and international cooperation projects in Bolivia, the Caribbean and New York City. Currently she conducts fieldwork in Jamaica, in partnership with local community members and academic colleagues. Ina studies plant diversity and the dynamics of traditional plant knowledge and use for primary healthcare, food security, and other subsistence needs by local communities in remote rural areas, as well as by Caribbean immigrants in New York City. Her research shows that, even in times of general loss of biological and cultural diversity worldwide, the use of wild and semi-domesticated plants remains popular in many communities today and forms an integral part of their biocultural heritage. Her work with Caribbean and Latino immigrants in New York City has important implications for healthcare delivery to underserved communities. Ina uses the results of her research to develop training activities with healthcare providers in New York City to help establish a better dialogue and trusted relationship between providers and their Caribbean and Latino patients, and promote culturally sensitive healthcare for all.

Selected Publications

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