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More Than a Decade of Research Yields New Guide to Palms of Belize

Posted in Plant Science

We have combined our interests in plant systematics and ethnobotany to produce a compact yet comprehensive treatment of the most visible and highly useful plant ... Read More

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“From Here to Infinity” with Olivia, Rose, and Jose

Posted in Videos, What's On at NYBG

Together with NYBG Teen Explainers Olivia, Rose, and Jose, kids can learn about Yayoi Kusama's artistic inspirations—and use their own to make art themselves. Read More

History & People, Inside our Collections

Brookshaw’s Beauties

Posted in History & People, Inside our Collections

George Brookshaw’s (1751–1823) Pomona Britannica, a masterpiece of the printing arts, is widely considered one of the finest color plate natural history works ever produced. Read More

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From Tree to Sea

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Videos

Kids can join NYBG Explainer Leah for a reading of From Tree to Sea by Shelley Moore Thomas. Read More

Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

Now Available: NYBG Scientist’s Updated Book on Biocultural Conservation

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

Paul Alan Cox, Executive Director of the Brain Chemistry Labs in Jackson, Wyoming, and Michael Balick recently published Plants, People and Culture: The Science of ... Read More

Environment & Conservation, History & People, Plant Science

Now Available: Two Volumes on the Plants, People, and Culture of Palau in Micronesia

Posted in Environment & Conservation, History & People, Plant Science

The just-released Ethnobotany of Palau: Plants, People and Island Culture is a two-volume series published by The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) Read More

Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Telling the Story of the Quest to Preserve and Classify the World’s Plants

Posted in Inside our Collections, Plant Science

With Herbarium: The Quest to Classify and Preserve the World's Plants now available, and our January 8 online discussion with the author taking registrations, we ... Read More

History & People, Plant Science

Discover the History of Herbaria with Barbara M. Thiers

Posted in History & People, Plant Science

This November, explore a heavily illustrated history of herbaria from one of the world's foremost experts. Read More

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