Stone Mill with the Bronx River with green grass and trees

Member Programs

Gallery Talks and Curator-Led Tours are a great way to learn behind-the-scenes details about the Garden from curators, managers, and scientists. To ensure all Members get a chance to participate, Members are permitted to attend one tour per month. Curator-led tours will be announced a month prior of tour date. Reservations are required.

Curator-Led Tours

Rock Garden Tour
Michael Hagen, Curator of the Rock Garden and Native Plant Garden
April 25; 11 a.m.–12 p.m.

This dramatic 2.5-acre oasis offers plenty of surprises, including jewel-like alpine flowers, graceful woodland plants, and a sparkling waterfall and stream flowing to a flower-rimmed pond. Learn about the construction and design of the Rock Garden, what makes a plant suitable for a rock garden, and the benefits of planting in mineral-rich soil.

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Matelich Anniversary Peony Collection Tour
Claire Lyman, Assistant Curator
May 23; 11 a.m.–12 p.m.

Along Perennial Garden Way, more than 150 herbaceous peonies reach their peak in mid-May. The recently expanded collection features dozens of new late-blooming varieties, extending the flowering season and delighting visitors with more blooms than ever before. Assistant Curator Claire Lyman will lead us through this beautiful assortment of white, pink, coral and red, herbaceous peonies.

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Jane Watson Irwin Perennial Garden Tour
Adam Dooling, Curator of Outdoor Garden and Herbaceous Collections
June 6; 11 a.m.–12 p.m.

Designed with an artist’s eye, the Perennial Garden combines a vast palette of colors, textures, flowers, and foliage into a lush, living work of art. The Ladies’ Border, redesigned in 2002 with year-round interest in mind, features many plants that had not previously been grown at the Garden. Curator of Outdoor Garden and Herbaceous Collections Adam Dooling will guide Members through this special collection.

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