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Plant Talk

Environment & Conservation, History & People

The Language of Land and Life: Preserving Traditional Plant Knowledge by Studying an Endangered Language in Mexico

Posted in Environment & Conservation, History & People

Central Mexico is a global hotspot for language and plant diversity, but it also faces many rapid environmental and cultural changes. Read More

Garden News

Announcing NYBG’s Next President and CEO

Posted in Garden News

Today we're eager to share with you an exciting development at the Garden. Read More

Behind the Scenes, Videos

Guest Curator Mika Yoshitake on KUSAMA: Cosmic Nature

Posted in Behind the Scenes, Videos

Hear from Mika Yoshitake on the inspirations that inform Yayoi Kusama's works. Read More

What's On at NYBG

The Plant Doctor: A Year in Review

Posted in What's On at NYBG

Nearly each week since March 2020, The New York Botanical Garden has been sharing five simple words that became music to our followers’ ears: “The ... Read More

Videos, What's On at NYBG

Welcome to NYBG Pride

Posted in Videos, What's On at NYBG

Hear from the Bronx's own Ritchie Torres, U.S. Congressman for New York City, as he welcomes you to NYBG Pride. Read More

Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Cosmic Views of Nature: Alexander von Humboldt

Posted in Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Humboldt’s ideas were based on the view of the harmonic order of the Universe, a concept called cosmos, borrowed from ancient Greek philosophy. Read More

Inside our Collections, Plant Science

Frasera caroliniensis: The Anticipation of an Impending Bloom

Posted in Inside our Collections, Plant Science

It was a rare plant alert, the absolute best category of communication. Read More

Environment & Conservation, Videos

From Tree to Sea

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Videos

Kids can join NYBG Explainer Leah for a reading of From Tree to Sea by Shelley Moore Thomas. Read More

Plant Science

Daniel Atha Takes Top Spot in City Nature Challenge

Posted in Plant Science

With this year’s City Nature Challenge now behind us, we’re proud to announce that our very own Daniel Atha, Director of Conservation Outreach, took first ... Read More

Inside our Collections, What's Beautiful Now

Erblichia’s a Flower, But Only So an Hour

Posted in Inside our Collections, What's Beautiful Now

If there isn’t a txt-speak acronym for “fear of missing out on a phenophase,” there ought to be one. Read More

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