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Plant Talk

Garden News

Mature Tree Care

Posted in Garden News

With so many trees a century old or older growing across the landscape, Garden arborists have been implementing a wide array of tree-care techniques specifically ... Read More

Garden News

Proper Planting and Post-Planting Care

Posted in Garden News

If choosing the right tree for the right place is the all-important first step in successful tree planting, planting properly and providing excellent post-planting care ... Read More

Videos, What's On at NYBG

“From Here to Infinity” with Olivia, Rose, and Jose

Posted in Videos, What's On at NYBG

Together with NYBG Teen Explainers Olivia, Rose, and Jose, kids can learn about Yayoi Kusama's artistic inspirations—and use their own to make art themselves. Read More

Garden News

Planting New Trees

Posted in Garden News

NYBG curators plant dozens of new trees in the Living Collections and hundreds in the Thain Family Forest every year. Some of these new trees ... Read More

How To, Videos

Building a Trellis with Che’Von Cooper

Posted in How To, Videos

Thinking about adding a trellis or two to your garden—but don't know where to start? Read More

Garden News

Stewarding a Sylvan Landscape

Posted in Garden News

The New York Botanical Garden has always been dedicated to keeping its trees healthy. Read More

History & People, Inside our Collections

Brookshaw’s Beauties

Posted in History & People, Inside our Collections

George Brookshaw’s (1751–1823) Pomona Britannica, a masterpiece of the printing arts, is widely considered one of the finest color plate natural history works ever produced. Read More

How To, Videos

Discover Patterns in Nature with Arvolyn Hill

Posted in How To, Videos

Many of the beautiful patterns found in Yayoi Kusama's artwork can also be seen in nature—and kids are invited to join Arvolyn Hill, our Family ... Read More

What's On at NYBG

Improve Your Curriculum with Summer Professional Development for Teachers

Posted in What's On at NYBG

Calling all early childhood teachers! This summer you can step into the botanical world to explore new ways for your students to engage with science, ... Read More

Behind the Scenes, History & People

Celebrating Disability Pride Month

Posted in Behind the Scenes, History & People

The opening of the Edible Academy in 2018 welcomed a new kind of space at the Garden: a space for encouraging visitors of any age ... Read More

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