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Growing Locally: The Summer Harvest Continues in the Edible Academy

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From ripe tomatoes to fresh garlic, our gardeners have been hard at work while the Edible Academy remains closed, gathering the season's best produce for donation ... Read More

Plant Science

Plant Science

Comprehensive Guide to Poisonous and Injurious Plants Published by NYBG and Springer

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Recently, The New York Botanical Garden and Springer published a new edition of our comprehensive reference book, Handbook of Poisonous and Injurious Plants. Read More

What's Beautiful Now

What’s Beautiful Now: Water Lilies & Lotuses in the Conservatory Courtyard Pools

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The Conservatory Courtyard Pools are a wonderland of water lilies and lotuses this weekend! Read More

How To, Videos

Making a Mandala from Natural Materials

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Making a mandala is a great way for kids to explore their creativity—and they can do so with natural materials they find outside. Read More

Videos, What's Beautiful Now

Explore the Home Gardening Center in Summer

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Explore the vibrant summer colors of the Home Gardening Center. With an eclectic mix of plants that includes sunflowers, hibiscus, and passion flowers, this collection ... Read More

How To

Herbarium At Home: A Beginner’s Guide

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A herbarium specimen can represent so many things—a record of your adventures, a piece of wall art, or the beginning of your collection. And creating your ... Read More

Behind the Scenes, Plant Science

Continuing NYBG’s Botanical Fieldwork in the Age of COVID-19: The Long Journey of Herbarium Specimens from Vanuatu to the Bronx

Posted in Behind the Scenes, Plant Science

On March 12, Dr. Gregory Plunkett departed a fully functioning New York City to travel to Vanuatu, an archipelago in the southwest Pacific, where he ... Read More

What's On at NYBG

Engage with NYBG Collections—Anywhere, Anytime

Posted in What's On at NYBG

As the Garden reopens this summer, we also celebrate the launch of our NYBG content guide on the new Bloomberg Connects app. Read More

Videos, What's Beautiful Now

Take a Virtual Walk Among the Water Lilies & Lotuses

Posted in Videos, What's Beautiful Now

Take a virtual walk with us as we explore some of our most eagerly awaited summer flowers: the water lilies and lotuses. Then come see ... Read More

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