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Download these free apps from iTunes to enhance your visit to The New York Botanical Garden, experiencing our exhibitions and permanent collections with the help of walking tours, augmented reality, interactive maps, and animated highlights.

Wild Medicine

Wild Medicine

Access detailed information about some of the most important healing plants showcased in the Haupt Conservatory, including ancient stories of discovery and modern medical uses. With Interactive Healing, explore an augmented reality experience that demonstrates the plants' healing properties by overlaying interactive animations onto real space. The Wild Medicine app uses augmented reality (AR) to allow users to engage with animated 3-D models showing where—and how—these plants affect the human body. To launch, turn your device sideways to landscape mode, or tap the camera icon in the top right. Then focus your device's camera on the markers throughout the exhibit to learn more about each plant's healing qualities, habitat, and effect on the human body.

When viewed through the user's camera, the sign will virtually open up to reveal additional content about the plant—a map showing its native range, a diagram of the plant part used in healing, and a diagram of the human body with an animation that highlights the body part healed by the plant. All will be accompanied by text describing how the plant heals.

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NYBG in Bloom

NYBG in Bloom - The New York Botanical Garden

Stunning photos and expert commentary bring The New York Botanical Garden to life on your iPhone wherever you are in the world and enhance your visit to nature's showplace in New York City.

Now you can hold the secret to navigating the Garden, home to more than 1 million living plants on 250 acres in the Bronx, in the palm of your hand. Take one of two walking tours or choose your own route using our map feature.

Explore the intersection of paintings and plants through the Garden's past summer 2012 exhibition, Monet's Garden. An exclusive collaboration between the Garden and The Metropolitan Museum of Art provides an up-close and in-depth view of the plants that inspired the renowned painter's most famous masterpieces. The "Impressionist Lens" feature allows you to create and share your own photographic works of art.

NYBG in Bloom includes:

  • Walking tours
  • Interactive map
  • Special exhibition highlights
  • Garden descriptions and photos
  • Audio commentary
  • Visitor Information

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