Lowland rainforest gallery in the Conservatory


Teacher Guides and Student Activity Packets to Download

All guided programs and self-guided tours at The New York Botanical Garden are supplemented by pre- and post- visit activities sheets that can be accessed online.

School Gardening 101

Visit to find lesson plans, videos, and tip sheets that will help you get the most out of your school garden.

Garden Calendar

This calendar provides a monthly guide to managing and maintaining a school garden. It is divided into administrative, community-based, curriculum-based, and gardening tasks, in order to help insure sustainability of the garden.

Professional Learning for Teachers

Teachers seeking professional learning experience the beautiful collections of the Garden during multisession institutes or customized workshops. Engage in hands-on, inquiry-based field and classroom practices and gain confidence in helping students construct understandings about ecology, plant science, or practical gardening. There’s even an institute customized for early childhood educators.