The Garden will be closed to the public today, June 8.

Children looking at a sculpture of a caterpillar with yellow flowers

Nature Quest

Welcome to Nature Quest!

Nature Quest is a mobile experience that helps kids and adults investigate nature in the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden. Different missions in Nature Quest give kids fun and engaging science activities to explore and learn about the environment. Each mission guides kids through the process of science: helping them observe and investigate the natural world, describe and identify flora and fauna, as well as capture and save images of things they found. Kids can discover more about plants, animals, wetlands, and rocks to name a few topics, and they will receive a digital badge for each mission that they complete. Nature Quest is meant to be tool that aids in exploration, and doesn’t distract from nature. Help your kids focus on the outdoor world and explore right along with them. You may learn something new!

Register before you visit

Nature Quest is designed to be experienced on mobile devices. You can scan the QR Code above, or visit to enter the experience!