SoPH Student working in Gardening.

Horticulture Rotations

During their first year, students receive hands-on training in four areas of major concentration, along with plant health care and plant records practices. Each rotation is six weeks in duration, or approximately 200 hours. There are also opportunities to take part in special projects around the Garden as they occur throughout the year.

Skills Tests

At the end of each rotation, students are evaluated and tested on their mastery of horticultural skills covered in the rotation, such as planting, propagation, watering, pruning, perennial maintenance, and fertilization techniques.

Tim Wells from The New York Botanical Garden

Special Projects May Include:

Aquatic Planting Introduction to Tree Climbing Plant Sale
Bulb Planting Invasive Species Management Rose Pruning
Composting Irrigation Topiary Planting
Ecological Research Mapping Tree Transplanting
Glasshouse Exhibitions and Collections Nursery Management Turf Renovation
Greenhouse Management Ornamental Pruning Vegetable Gardening
Plant Health Care Workplace Safety