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NYBG Press

The New York Botanical Garden Press is one of the largest publishing programs of any independent botanical garden in the world and provides a means for communication of research carried out by scientists at the Garden and elsewhere. Established in 1896, the program focuses on advancements in knowledge about the classification, utilization, and conservation of plants and fungi.

The NYBG Press publications are forums for primary research papers on systematic and economic botany of all groups of plants and fungi. Current series titles include Advances in Economic Botany, Intermountain Flora, Flora Neotropica, Memoirs of The New York Botanical Garden, Contributions from The New York Botanical Garden, Botanical Review, Brittonia, and Economic Botany.

In addition to its series publications, the Press also publishes classic books. Among these titles are the Manual of Vascular Plants of Northeastern United States and Adjacent Canada and the Illustrated Companion to Gleason and Cronquist’s Manual.

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