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Environment & Conservation

Forests: Heroes of the Climate Crisis

Posted in Environment & Conservation

In our last post with NYBG scientist Brad Oberle, we talked about urban forests. We zoomed in and looked at NYBG’s woodland in particular: the ... Read More

Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

Maslins vs. Monocrops: How Looking to the Past Can Change the Future

Posted in Environment & Conservation, Plant Science

We talk a lot about plants here at NYBG. And a big part of plant life, at least in the ways that they relate to ... Read More

Plant Science

NYBG Scientists Working at the Nexus of Food Security, Plant Biodiversity, and the Climate Crisis

Posted in Plant Science

As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges from climate change and food insecurity, recent reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) give a ... Read More

What's On at NYBG

Bronx Middle Schoolers Explore Nature with Con Edison STEM Days Out

Posted in What's On at NYBG

Con Edison STEM Days Out, now in their eighth year, took place on Friday, October 27 with Bronx Writing Academy middle school students. Read More

Environment & Conservation

Urban Forests: Good for the City and for the Climate

Posted in Environment & Conservation

In our first post about Brad Oberle, an associate curator in the science division at NYBG, he introduced himself as a “tree hugger”—and it’s true, ... Read More

Plant Science

Using Plants as Calendars

Posted in Plant Science

The New York Botanical Garden’s long-term project, Plants and People of Vanuatu, has just published a very interesting and timely paper that comprehensively records how ... Read More

Garden News, Videos

NYBG Cuts Ribbon on New Affordable Housing

Posted in Garden News, Videos

Representatives from The New York Botanical Garden (NYBG) gathered alongside Douglaston Development, elected officials, and other project and community partners this past September to celebrate ... Read More

History & People, Videos

Plants as Liberation: Patrick Wilkin

Posted in History & People, Videos

We’re back with another Plants as Liberation talk, where Arvolyn Hill, Manager of the Everett Children’s Adventure Garden, interviews Black herbalists, houseplant enthusiasts, farmers, and ... Read More

Plant Science

Brad Oberle: Plant Lover, Tree Hugger, and NYBG Scientist

Posted in Plant Science

From the very beginning, Brad Oberle was a nature enthusiast. Read More

Inside our Collections, Videos

Eagle Eyed Above the Ladies’ Border

Posted in Inside our Collections, Videos

During my lunch break on Wednesday, September 20, I was at the Ladies' Border specifically to film all the ruby-throated hummingbirds. Read More

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