Close: A Journey in Scotland
The Photography of Allan Pollok-Morris

October 12–March 16

Embark on a photographic journey through Scotland with the work of Allan Pollok-Morris, landscape photographer and journalist.

The word "close" is a traditional Scottish word that describes a landscape so inspirational that heaven seems closer to Earth in that place. In 2004 when landscape photographer and journalist Allan Pollok-Morris learned that Little Sparta, a garden designed by Ian Hamilton Finlay, had been named the most important work of art in Scotland, he was inspired to travel throughout his home country in search of new works in landscape design and land art.

This exhibition documents Pollok-Morris's journey and celebrates the creations of many notable contemporary designers and artists working in the Scottish landscape. Through his documentary-style photographs, Pollok-Morris aims to capture "everyday" images of these landscapes from the point of view of those who envisioned and created them. The exhibition uses examples from all corners of the country to celebrate the important role of gardens and land art in international arts and culture.

Exhibitions in the Arthur and Janet Ross Gallery are made possible by the Arthur and Janet Ross Fund.

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