Illustration of large yellow corn in the left corner with tall corn stalks, purple eggplant hanging next to the corn stalks over green grass and colorful representation of three rows of crops. A swirlly painted picnic table is next to the crops with three people, two are seated, one looking at a phone and one is standing walking toward them. Behind them is a large glass Conservatory dome and the sky is rendered in bright blue and darker blue strips that all point down toward the dome. On the right side are a pumpkin, bright red tomatoess hanging from a vine, and a white flower with a purple inside with green flowers and leaves along the side. The illustration is signed by Andre Trenier, 2022.

Art of the Table: Matthew López-Jensen

June 11 & 26

Various Times | At the Garden

Do you have a food love story, meal you cook together, or shared food memory? In celebration of his work “Lamb’s Quarters: A Love Story,” part of Around the Table: Stories of the Foods We Love, environmental artist and educator Matthew López-Jensen invites LGBTQ+ couples with a Bronx connection to share their stories.

Saturday, June 11; 12–4 p.m.
Sunday, June 26; 11–2 p.m.

Couples are invited to sign up for a short, light-hearted recording session in the Native Plant Garden. Interviews will take no more than 15 minutes, and will be archived and shared with visitors who sit at the table throughout the course of the exhibit. We invite you to share this program with your friends, families, and communities! Complimentary All-Garden Passes will be arranged for all participants.

A deep red picnic table sits outdoors, covered in words that tell a love story

  • Please select a time for only ONE date—June 11 or June 26.
  • Please select a time for only ONE date—June 11 or June 26.