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Fellows, Scholars, & Interns 2023

Mellon Visiting Scholar

Mellon Research Fellows — Food Humanities

Urban Foodways Internship

Armando Guzman Ramirez

Armando Guzman Ramirez is a dedicated individual with a keen interest in exercise science and a fascination with farming and land stewardship. Armando was born in the Dominican Republic, and his interest in exercising and improving physical well-being led him to major in Exercise Science. Aside from academia, he enjoys gardening and appreciates nature’s serenity. This strong connection to the outdoors drives him to promote health and well-being through exercise science, with the goal of inspiring others to live better lifestyles while cultivating a deeper respect for nature.

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Allisson Garcia

Allisson Garcia is a student majoring in horticulture ornamental at Bronx community college. Allison’s journey started from house plants to community gardens in Queens to the career field today. Now an urban foodways intern at NYBG, she has been expanding her skills in research and land stewardship. She is passionate about working with the land sustainably and is expanding her knowledge in horticulture.

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